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95 Anniversary of Suzhou Art Institute2017-12-09—01-28

Suzhou Art Institute 1922-2017

In the early twentieth century, China faced tremendous challenge of westernization wave.Between convention and revolution, the elites class regarded themselves as the bridge and reformers. Western paintings appeared as “New Images” in China and arouse controversies into art education. Under such background, Yen Wenliang, Zhu Shijie and HuCuizhong set up Suzhou Art Institute at their twenties in 1922. They had great faith to reform the tradition art education. They brought the concept of science, the core of western art, to China and transformed the art education into modernization. The Institute fundraised and bought amount of torso and plaster from Paris and shipped back to the school where became the hub of new art education at the 1930s and 1940s. Many well-known artistes were nurtured such as Huang Juesi, Mo Pu and Fei Yifu and so on. The Institute was merged into Nanjing Art Institute after the New China was found. Today, Suzhou Art Institute still keep its original architecture. The classical Roman style building is allocated in the 800-year traditional Suzhou Chinese garden where became the Museum of Suzhou Art Institute. “95 Anniversary of Important Artists from Suzhou Art Institute” is to represent the generation of early twentiethcentury from Suzhou Art Institute. The exhibition dividedinto two parts. The first part is “When East MeetsWest”which included three founders Yan Wenliang, HuCuizhong and Zhu Shijie with the faculty Huang Juesi, Dai Bingxin, Cheng Zhifo and Zhang Chongren. The secondpart is “When East Mixed With West”, Yu Chenhui, Mo Pu, Yu Yunjie, Fei Yifu and Min Xiwen will be exhibited.