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Subject of the Sun: Tao Fa Solo Exhibition2018-12-01—01-20

Tao-Fa, a young Hmong painter who is known for his rebellious character, always poses challenges to the institutional categorisation in the art world by his bold, sentimental and mysterious artistic language. As the new year around the corner, Soka Art Beijing is proud to present  “Subject of the Sun: Tao Fa Solo Exhibition”, which includes 20 pieces of the artist’s latest work and will have its grand opening on December 1.

Tao Fa is an artist from Yunnan Province, the very southwest of China. Having his childhood fulfilled with pleasant memories in the wild nature, Tao has indeed become “a subject of the sun”: he has a great passion for nature, and often physically and spiritually immerses himself in the wild. He has thus gained nourishment from the mother nature and transforms into the expressive brush strokes on his canvas. Tao’s feelings towards nature, however, is not limited to his passion for its beauty, but also include his fear for the mythical power it possess. As a Hmong, Tao has a strong belief in the universal existence of spirituality and holds great respect to the life courses of all the living beings. Tao experiences the world in a manner which is characterised with immediacy, emotionality and authenticity, and employs painting as his most efficient medium of communication. Tao’s creative process relies mostly on his intuition and improvisation with little concern to the techniques—bold colours and calligraphic brush strokes are his favourite approaches to portray the mythical charm of nature. 

Tao’s paintings, both internally and externally, always incorporate a primitive sense and an egocentric narrative, leaving little spaces for traces of socialisation which is often considered as a must in our logic-driven society. Truthful and uninhibited, Tao is an artist who radiates his charm and talent like the sun in his painting.

The opening of <Subject of the Sun: Tao Fa Solo Exhibition>  will be held at 4 PM on December 1, at Soka Art Beijing, which will be kindly supported the founding brand of Taiwanese bubble tea—Shiny Tea. The exhibition is open to the public until January 20, 2019.