1916 born in Guangxi

1935 Was admitted to the Oil Painting Department of Hangzhou National Art College

After entering Shanghai in 1949 with General Chen Yi's army, he was ordered to establish "Shanghai Art Factory" as the creative group leader and later renamed "Shanghai Art Design Company" as the general manager

1953-1963 Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Culture art Section chief, director of the Art Department

During this period, he was ordered to establish "Shanghai Painting Academy" and served as the secretary general

Founded the "Shanghai Art School" as the dean and director of the Department of Oil painting and sculpture

Later, Mr. Retreated holds the post of President of Guangxi Painting and Calligraphy Academy, director of Chinese Artists Association, chairman of Guangxi Branch of Chinese Artists Association, and vice chairman of Guangxi Arts Federation.

158 of his works are in the collections of the Chinese Military Museum, the Chinese History Museum, the National Art Museum of China, the Nanjing Military Museum, the Guangxi Museum, the Jiangsu Museum and the International Center for Culture and Art in the United States.More than 60 of his paintings are in the collections of art institutions and private collectors in Tokyo, Japan.