Lu Yanyu was born in Yilan in 1984. He graduated from the Sculpture Department of Taiwan University of Arts in 2007. He graduated from the Ceramic Group of the Applied Art Institute of Tainan University of Art in 2011. He was a short-term resident in the United States, Japan, the Netherlands, and Finland. Yilan has set up a personal studio, engaged in ceramic creation so far.


Focusing on the excavation of image formation and self-consciousness exploration, the main work of the work is to transform composite shapes such as characters and animals into original images, to create human-like non-human and non-thing-like variant forms, which make people's appearance lose specific and clear specifications. The present mind reflects the constantly changing form. My creative style unfolds imagination on the basis of realism, creates various unique individuals, records and ponders the subtle thoughts in life, interprets the balance between the essence and change of the internal image of people, and expects to use misplacement and singularity The way of shaping describes another sense of beauty and freedom.