• Ideological Image - Zhao Bo Solo Exhibition

    Jan 23 - Feb 28, 2016

    Born in Shenyang in 1984, Zhao Bo was the first artist that was eligible as a student for the exchange program at Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Norway. In 2011, Zhao went to Norway for learning exchange. That same year, Zhao obtained his master's degree in oil painting from Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts. He is one of China’s high-profile emerging artists, as well as one of the few young Chinese artists under contract at Soka. In recent years, Zhao’s true/false, illusory theme style has been well-received by the market. In 2015, Forest of Desires No.2 was sold for HKD 400 thousand, over twice the estimated price, setting a new record in the auction market.
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  • Portrait of Place - Mitsuhiro IKEDA Solo Exhibition

    Oct 31 - Dec 06, 2015

    Mitsuhiro Ikeda paintings evoke a sense of calm reflection, exploring the space between reality and imagination. Since his time as a student, he has received a large amount of international recognition from well-known arts instututions due to his unique painting style, and is one of the most closely watched up-and-coming contemporary Japanese artists. Although "Portrait of Place" will be Mitsuhiro Ikeda's first solo exhibition held in Taiwan, his work had already been exhibited at the 2014 Art Taipei, and received a large amount of recognition and acclaim during that time by both art collectors and critics.
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  • Promised Land - Zeng Jianyong Solo Exhibition

    Sep 19 - Oct 18, 2015

    Zeng's early works originated largely from the society in which he lived and his own life experience. Series of works from that time,「The Header」, 「Youthful Era」 and 「Cosplay」, mainly take young people and children as the subjects for each painting. The spatial structures have a lonely feel of distance, yet the spirit of the subjects carry an innocent gaze. This kind of expression lets the audience return to the feeling of being lost, helpless and in a deep state loneliness during one's youth. Zeng was able to perfectly fuse the conflict of apathy and innocence.
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