• Ruins - Face of Contemporary Northeast China

    Nov 19, 2011 - Jan 15, 2012

    Each area or urban setting contains its own life, lineage, and memories that are inherently complex, overlapping, fragmented, chaotic, and even contradictory. This is because such memories originate from the desires, actions, pursuits, and creations of many individuals. When an area or city is uniformly reorganized through urban planning, then their memories are erased and all creativity is destroyed. What remains in culture is a barren desert. Therefore, this exhibition is not so much an attempt to exhibit realistic images of a “barren” but to enact a “pruning” of realistic representations. Perhaps, the featured artworks present a kind of “reality” found in Northeast contemporary art, or just one aspect of “reality”.
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  • Commemoration -10th Anniversary of Soka Art Beijing

    Sep 24 - Oct 23, 2011

    As one of rare galleries existing in Beijing for ten years, Soka Art Beijing witnessed the growth of art market as well as the great change of Chinese art in the ten years. In this exhibition, Commemoration ---10th Anniversary of Soka Art Beijing, many remarkable works will be shown in the two parts, Memories of the Past and Windows to the Future.

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  • Micro Life

    Jun 25 - Aug 07, 2011

    Among the artists of exhibition, Xiao Yu and Yang Maoyuan are the representatives of modern artists born in 1960s; Shi Guowei, Xiang Yang and Zhang Jiebai share the same experience of abroad art career; Chen Jiao, Li Chao, Shang Yixin, Zhong Jinpei and Zhao Yiqian represent the emerging young artists. With the exhibition theme of “Micro-life” and special exhibition space of Soka Art Center, their works concentrate on display of personal view and latest art works concerning the relationship and meaning of art and life, as well as the response to the context of “Micro-life” with new constructive approaches.
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  • Fabricator

    Apr 23 - Jun 12, 2011

    We may say “Fabricator” is an extensive colorful exhibition. Of course the works on this exhibition may cause some unsolvable questions, but these artists with distinctive styles just prove there are the main bodies of the fabricator. Through exploration for the change of the different painting and sculpture languages, the artists are to present the value of Chinese modern art.
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  • The Floral Journey - The Artistic Memoir of Walasse Ting

    Mar 19 - Apr 10, 2011

    Ever since he started drawing graffiti on the streets at age four, Walasse Ting has reflected his life into his works and transformed into the famously known “Flowers Theif”. The bright and colorful paintings narrate his legend; the bold and frank expression of his works is the style of how Ting faced his life. Died in May 2010 in New York, U.S., Ting showed his love, passion, and strength to the world through his works, and admire the beauty of life.
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