• Purple Solemnity - Mao Xuhui from 2005 to 2014

    Oct 11 - Dec 06, 2014

    Mao Xuihui believes that art can help us more clearly understand nature and human will, he illustrates both life and nature. Painting guaranteed that he would have the power to face the profound memories that life throws at him, and have the power to strive in expressing them – strive, because all this is not easy. A set pattern is not readily available for one to get close to a feeling. One must create works in the state of insecurity, to paint paintings, experience, and create new experiences as to express the things that life has given him into a powerful painting.”
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  • Empty Cold

    Jun 14 - Jul 27, 2014

    The participating artists are connected in terms of painting language to the theme of “empty cold” through unique creative approaches. Wang Jieyin works with the simple and pure deform of nature and the lingering echoes of sound. Liang Quan works with the naturalness of abstraction and the lingering flavor of prosaicness. Hong Ling approaches the naturalness of nature and the silent confluence of spirits. Cao Jigang transforms the tones of nature into ink, and lingering sorrow into silence. Shen Qin works with gardens of nature and the open space of roving dreams. Chen Feng approaches the cultural memory of nature and the afterimage of hills. Liu Guofu’s is the spirit of nature and the spirits of the afterimage. Xu huaxin ink works have the texture of jad with the sense of empty cold.
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  • Exhibition name: Reset Chinese Contemporary Art

    Apr 19 - Jun 07, 2014

    Through a basic study of these three sections and the three generations represented, we can see that all these artists draw on various aspects of tradition. We attempt to establish a dialogue with Western modern art to form an individual language style and revive the eternal nature of Chinese art. The mission of Chinese painting is summarized with the following question: After Zao Wou-Ki, how can we thoroughly and abundantly rebuild the relationship between the spirit of nature and modern life, while integrating landscape paintings with those of scenery? Indeed, it is necessary to re-stimulate natural elements and activation of a Chinese artistic spirit. This will inevitably restart a new future for Chinese art.
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  • Feb 22 - Mar 30, 2014

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