Hurxida Kerim is a professor at the Central Academy of Fine Arts and the headmaster of the Central Academy of Fine Arts Secondary School. In her early works, Hurxida Kerim's art paintings style was more influence by the decorative aesthetics style: using lines to emphasise the relationship between edges and forms. In the depiction of forms, she was influenced by the Parisian school of Modigliani, focusing on the emotional expression of forms. In her later works, the decorative style gradually diminished, and she began to pursue realistic presentation. Her artwork has become more interested in thinking about the expressiveness of the language of oil painting and the depth of thought. In recent years, the artist has taken decoration as an element closely related to the subject's emotion and art, depicting the more profound connotation of her thoughts. She also links her aesthetic thought to the nation's unique artistic expression. She forms the spiritual connotation of the decorative painting style, thus pushing her creation to a more mature stage. Private institutions and Public organizations have collected her works, including the Art Museum of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, the Chinese People's Revolutionary Military Museum, the Guancheng Art Museum in Dongguan, Guangzhou, and the Silk Road Culture and Art Centre in Dubai.