Nexus at Dawn

Aug 12 - Sep 09, 2023

SOKA ART, 707 St., 798 Art District, No.2 Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China

At the first gleam of the dawn, endless depths are contained in the shimmering light. At this time, when the contacts intertwine between the imaginary and the real, a form of mystery and sublimity emerges, revealed in the realm of the pure. The existence of shimmering light is far more than just a material manifestation, but also carries one's exploration of meaning. Curated by Wen Yuhui, this exhibition invites five artists: Liu Yang, Li Jie, Lin Qing, Ma Tao, and Zhao Bo. They illustrate the aesthetic and social significance of painting with diverse perspectives and creative approaches, as well as demonstrate the existence of meaning and the power of shaping in a unique and profound way.


Meaning is human's cognition of natural or social matter, while it is the spiritual content that human beings transmit and communicate in the form of symbols. All spiritual contents exchanged by people in communication activities, including intention, meaning, purpose, cognition, knowledge, value, concept, and so on, are in the category of significance. The concept of meaning for artists is the medium through which artists express and transmit their thoughts and feelings. When artists begin to paint, the inspiration and spirit they generate will be presented in the exhibition uniquely. The artists in this exhibition present their understanding of meaning from two perspectives. Artists Lin Qing, Ma Tao, and Liu Yang reinterpret the aesthetic values in painting through the pursuit of formal beauty. They use visual elements such as color, lines, proportions, and composition to create a logic system that is different from that of the real world. The existence of this irrational logic guides viewers to think about regular and conventional cognition and perception and to reexamine their views on existing things. Zhao Bo and Li Jie, on the other hand, utilize unique perspectives, concepts, and expressions to address social issues and inner pursuits. Concerns and reflections on social phenomena and human relationships are conveyed through signs and symbols.


Artworks are given the important mission of exploring and communicating meanings. They are not only the expression of artists' understanding of the world and themselves but also the beginning of the exploration of significance between the viewers and the artists. Viewers with different backgrounds, cultures, and psychological states will assign different significance to the artworks under their comprehension.  Specific interpretations and critiques are created as they project their personal feelings and opinions onto the artworks. Through the interaction between the artist and the viewer, the meaning of the paintings can be enriched and extended, which is a journey of exploring meanings and a visual feast that touches the soul.