Art Fairs

  • 2019 ART TAIPEI

    Oct 18 - Oct 21, 2019


    Mar 27 - Mar 31, 2019

    In 2019, Soka Art will hold its seventh exhibition at 2019 ART BASEL HK. This year, Soka once again sets off from its historic perspective, presenting a group of contemporary artists of profound influence: Hong Ling, Mao Xuhui, Zhao Meng, Zhang Ying Nan and Mitsuhiro Ikeda. Spanning a variety of geographical and cultural backgrounds, the five distinct artists represent different possibilities in interpreting the chemistry between Asian and Western art and will both gather at the upcoming international art fair.

    Feb 21 - Feb 24, 2019


    Jan 18 - Jan 20, 2019

    Founded in 1992, Soka Art has reached its 27 years of history in 2019. As the first Taiwanese gallery to set up its international branch in Beijing, Soka Art is committed to promoting Asian culture and art to the international stage. In 2017, Soka art has been reviewed by Blouin Artinfo, the authoritative art media group in the United States, as the world's top 500 international galleries. In addition, Soka Art has been hailed by collectors as "the gallery that best allows them to have a systematic collection." In addition, the gallery retains a close relationship with the world-renowned art institutions including the National Art Museum of China, the Palace Museum in Beijing and Taipei, the British Museum, the Art Museum of Chicago, which become the gallery's long-term support in holding important events and exhibitions.