• The Floral Journey – The Artistic Memoir of Walasse Ting

    Dec 04, 2010 - Jan 02, 2011

    Ever since he started drawing graffiti on the streets at age four, Walasse Ting has reflected his life into his works and transformed into the famously known “Flowers Theif”. The bright and colorful paintings narrate his legend; the bold and frank expression of his works is the style of how Ting faced his life.
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  • Collage of Memories - Korean Contemporary Art

    Nov 20, 2010 - Jan 02, 2011

    In this context,“Collage of Memor ies, ”the exhibition of contemporary Korean art, redefines the concept of‘collage ’ through 10 artists who have unique understanding of media, history, private memories, culture, and globalism&identity. Their interpretation of the methodology unmasks the very natures of the changed society. This means we need to see more than a physical technique or a marriage of heterogeneous materials from the exhibition. What becomes more important is a philosophical attitude that can spread over any expressive medium. Those 10 artists commonly arrive at an aesthetic position that makes not only a methodological bridge between art, novel, poetry, architecture, and motion picture, but also a chronological link between the present and the past and even to the future. We need to see collage as not a form but an attitude to open, link, and mix the seemingly incomparable multitude.
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  • November - IIDA Kiriko Solo Exhibition

    Nov 06 - Nov 28, 2010

    Born in 1970 in Hokkaido, Japan, IIDA Kiriko holds many solo exhibitions and participates in major international art fairs such as “Art Taipei 2008”(2008, Taipei), “Tokyo Contemporary Art Fair” (2007&2008, Tokyo), “2009 Young Art Taipei” (2009, Taipei) after graduating from Hokkaido Institute of Design. Her works achieve outstanding performances in every exhibition by carrying a reminiscence and fantastic style, expressing a sense of innocence and hope.
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  • Measurement of the Other - Contemporary Art from Taiwan

    Sep 11 - Oct 31, 2010

    Ten artists are invited to take part in the Measurement of the Other — Contemporary Art from Taiwan, including Yang Mao-Lin, Lee Ming-Tse, Tao Ya-Lun, Lai Chiu-Chen, Chen Ching-Yao, Wu Chi-Tsung, Chu Chun-Teng, Fan Yang-Tsung, Chen Wan-Jen, Chen Ching-Yuan. Except Chu Chun-Teng who is now studying at Goldsmiths College for over one year, they are native artists born, brought up, studying, living and working in Taiwan, with their age between 26 years old and 57 years old, and the media for their creation including painting, sculpture, photography, video, computer graphics, digital video production, mechanical dynamics and devices. They are expecting to take this rare opportunity to demonstrate a variety of characteristics of the contemporary art from Taiwan rater completely and in a diversified way from the aspects of generations, creative ideas and contexts, to do the accumulative basic work well for future long-term exchanges of contemporary art between Mainland China and Taiwan.
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  • Any Scene You Want - Hong Ling Solo Exhibition

    Aug 21 - Oct 24, 2010

    Hong Ling is well known for utilizing western painting technique in the realization of eastern art. The way in which he combines new and old allows Hong to focus his inner sensory experiences and extend them infinitely outwards into the natural world, re-crafting individual scenes through hearing, sight, touch, smell and taste.
    Some have described Hong’s landscapes as reminiscent of the female body; the layers of misty whiteness covering luscious pinkness, the green buds faintly shimmering behind the branches, Hong against a powerful brown rocky mountain-face. This is the skin on the back of a woman’s neck where it meets with the hairline, the ever so slight dryness of her lips on first waking, the shallow alluring valley tracing her spine, a woman breathing; the dampness of her breath.
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