• Beauty of the Nature - Hong Ling Solo Exhibition

    Dec 02, 2015 - Feb 28, 2017

    Hong Ling: Beauty of the Nature is Hong Ling’s first large exhibition in his artistic career of forty years. This includes Hutong Alley series, Portrait series, Human Body series, Hometown People series, and Abstract series from the artists’ learning and experimental phase in the early eighties, to the independent, complete series of landscape oil paintings.
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  • Portrait of Place - Mitsuhiro IKEDA Solo Exhibition

    Oct 31 - Dec 06, 2015

    Mitsuhiro Ikeda paintings evoke a sense of calm reflection, exploring the space between reality and imagination. Since his time as a student, he has received a large amount of international recognition from well-known arts instututions due to his unique painting style, and is one of the most closely watched up-and-coming contemporary Japanese artists. Although "Portrait of Place" will be Mitsuhiro Ikeda's first solo exhibition held in Taiwan, his work had already been exhibited at the 2014 Art Taipei, and received a large amount of recognition and acclaim during that time by both art collectors and critics.
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  • “Moving the World”: Seeking Beauty

    Sep 12 - Nov 01, 2015

    This exhibition employs Mr. Zong Baihua’s concept of “moving the world”, and, to achieve this, three artists from different regions and eras were chosen. They are IIDA Kiriko from Japan, Tao Fa from Yunnan, and Dong Lin, who just graduated from the China Central Academy of Fine Arts with a major in sculpture. They present three different kinds of “beauty” by “moving the world” in their own ways. In the face of the gradual loss of aesthetics in contemporary art, we respond with an opposite direction. We simply start with the artists to inspire the audience’s “moving emotions”, then come seek beauty in the three artists’ “moving the world” at Soka. Through “moving the world”, the three artists make “beauty” an objective existence. First, they influence the audience visually. Then, they elevate the audience’s life and make it more interesting.
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