1971  Born in Guangdong

1994  BFA, Chinese Painting Department of Huaqiao University

1995  MFA, Printmaking Department of Central Academy of Fine Arts

          Now Lives and Works in Beijing


Zeng Jianyong is a famous contemporary ink and wash artist in China who studied at the Central Academy of Fine Arts. In recent years, his works have been gaining increasing traction at auctions. His paintings continue the traditional Chinese landscape composition of "three distances", which overlaps the elements of mountain, tree, and stone to create a depth of field effect. He also utilizes the techniques of crackling, rubbing, and dotting to delicately depict natural scenery. With the unique technique of "drawing from the back of the paper" and the use of special media, such as cloud-dragon paper and pastels, Zeng creates a special texture effect to manifest the temperament and context of traditional Song Dynasty-era paintings, and to imbue the artworks with a rich yet mild sensation. This kind of sinuous southern landscape makes Zeng an irreplaceable stand out in the Chinese contemporary art scene.