1981  Born in Taipei

2006  B.F.A, Fine Art, LASALLE-SIA College of Arts

2012  M.F.A, Ink Painting, National Taiwan Normal University

2015  Attended for 3years Pursuing a PHD in Fine Art, National Taiwan Normal University

Now Lives and Works in Taipei

Attempting to create a theatrical sense of mystery through the contrasts between light and shadow, the works of Lin Bao-Ling contain hints of the Western abstract art, but at the same time have the rhythm of the Easter splash-ink technique. He used a special 

“Multimedia Vellum” to replace the traditional canvas. The drafting film is translucent, and it is able reproduce the architectural drawing materials sketched by pencil or with ink. Because the surface of the film is immediately absorbed, the drawing ink, acrylic paint and other composite media on the vellum appear as employed using a semi-auto-matic technique, making the composition look fluid. Therefore, in the paintings of Lin Bao-Ling traces of different size layers and pigment stacking are clearly visible. This grad-ually rendered splash-ink surface has become an artistic language which is highly recog-nizable in his works.