Light above those Intertwined Lines - Hsu Chihchi Solo Exhibition

Nov 21, 2020 - Jan 02, 2021

Soka Art Taipei

“Light above those Intertwined Lines----

Are serene dialogues in sunny days, or misty light floating in dark valley.” – Hsu Chihchi


In 2019, Hsu Chihchi was one of the featured artists at the Gyeonggi International Ceramic Biennale in South Korea, which is considered one of the four major ceramic competitive exhibitions around the globe. In 2020, she launched her solo exhibition “盛 (Light above those Intertwined Lines)” at Soka Art after a three year hiatus. The exhibition title “盛” is a character that comes from the Bronze Script in ancient China. Hsu chose the character with the interesting origin to establish a connection with her own creative works. The Bronze Script was text inscribed on bronzeware. In the Bronze Script, the top half of the “盛” character (成) contained straight line strokes of rationality. Meanwhile, the lower half of the “盛” character (皿), meaning dish, presented sensual curves akin to the shape of soft hands in a position ready to receive. The combination also corresponds to her works of light ray radiating in straight lines and curved lines. The rational straight lines and sensual curvaceous lines also form a type of contrast, echoing the discussion of light vs. shadow and lightness vs. heaviness within the artist’s works.


The title character actually has two pronunciations, Shèng or Chéng. When pronounced as Chéng, it is a verb meaning to contain or to hold something using a container, such as a bowl or a plate. Since the first ceramic wares were used as containers, Hsu is borrowing the concept to indicate that her artworks are also a type of vessel, capable of holding, transforming, and accepting the weightiness of life. When pronounced as Shèng, it is a noun or an adjective meaning abundance or bountiful.


Curled within the white space of her works are possibilities to flip around in multiple directions, to present a different posture depending on the environment, positioning, height, lighting, and perspective.  The artist hopes the viewer may escape from a singular vision, to break free from existing labels and attempt to redefine what we see. Sometimes, diverse interpretations produce varying relationships and tensions, allowing the emergence of distinct mindset and thought processes, enriching the course of events and depths in life.


Soka Art cordially invites you to attend the opening reception of Light above those Intertwined Lines - Hsu Chihchi Solo Exhibition. Let’s  see the gentleness which receives the sharpness of reality in the curve, understand contradictions between strengths and fragility of life through the selection of medium, and feel the weight of life entrusted by the artist in the space!