• UNRELATED - NKSIN Solo Exhibition

    May 13 - Jun 03, 2023

    Soka Art is proud to announce its launch of a large-scale solo exhibition for NKSIN, the most popular and rising artist in the international art community. This will be NKSIN’s first exhibition in Taiwan since his successful, sold-out solo exhibition at the 2022 Taipei Dangdai last year. For three weeks from 2023/5/13 to 2023/6/3, the exhibition UNRELATED will be showcased at Soka Art Taipei and Tainan, featuring art with the themes of conflict, division, and competition. The artist creates and criticizes these conditions through their unique interpretation.
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  • Paris, Texas

    Apr 29 - May 28, 2023

    Soka Art is pleased to announce that the group exhibition "Paris, Texas" will open on April 29th, 2023, and will run until May 28th, 2023. The exhibition, curated by Ruoqi Wu, invites eight young artists who have experience studying or living abroad, including Ye Cheng, Wuchao Feng, Shuling Guo, Xinran Liu, Yue Sun, Jingqi Wang, Zixiang Wei, and Nai-jen Yang, to showcase their recent practices. Based on their artworks, the exhibition aims to connect their inner monologues about self, belonging, and personal identity.
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