• New Era-Zhao Bo's solo Exhibition 2022

    Mar 12 - May 08, 2022

    Soka Art Beijing is very honored to welcome the first exhibition of 2022, artist Zhao Bo's solo exhibition epoch 2022, which will run from March 12 to May 8 for a total of 8 weeks. Continuing the context of the work "Consciousness Landscape" in 2015 and "The End of the World and The Cold Fairy Mirror" in 2018, the work is full of a unique sense of tragedy. The snow doomsday scene and dazzling and wild colors allude to the grotesque social chaos and spiritual anxiety in modern times.
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  • Wall ドンじゃない!
    Japan's most popular wall face doll Taiwan first exhibition in Soka

    Feb 12 - Mar 19, 2022

    Soka Art is honored to announce that Japan's popular woodcarving artist Daisuke Teshima will hold his first solo exhibition in Taiwan! Taisuke Teshima, who was born in Fukuoka, Japan, graduated from the Institute of Sculpture Department of Tokyo University of Fine Arts, and won the "60th Yamaguchi Art Award" Grand Prize, and his works were also collected by the Japan Modern Art Promotion Foundation. With its unique creative style and cute shapes, Daisuke Teshima's works will be the focus of attention at the Taipei Art Fair in 2021, setting a record for sales.
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  • Heavenly Waters – Wang Tingyu Solo Exhibition

    Jan 08 - Mar 05, 2022

    Soka Art is proud to kick off 2022 with Ting-Yu Wang’s new solo exhibition, Heavenly Waters. The exhibition will be held for 8 weeks from January 8th to March 5th. Echoing his previous exhibitions “Charting with Constellation” (2016), “Sky Messenger” (2019), and “Verdiales of the Forsaken Hamlet” (2020), this exhibition is named after one of the eight constellation families, Heavenly Waters, which mainly focuses on Aquarius and water-related themes. Unlike his previous works, the artist now places a greater emphasis on color arrangements as well as gaming elements and concepts that lead viewers to explore seemingly familiar images and ponder the profound meaning behind each painting.

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  • “Coming from the heart” Avis Wu Solo Exhibition

    Dec 11, 2021 - Jan 22, 2022

    "What matters is not what you look at, but what you see in it."- Henry David Thoreau
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  • Vincent Fang's Solo Exhibition

    Nov 25, 2021 - Feb 20, 2022

    Soka Art Beijing is proud to announce that we will welcome the first and largest and most comprehensive exhibition of Chinese pop music lyricist and artist Vincent Fang's artistic creations in China -" The Style Created by Vincent Fang’s Concept and Ideas ". The first stop will be opened at Soka Art Beijing on November 25, 2021. The exhibition revolves around the creation of 25 song lyrics and presents over 100 important works recently created by the artist, including bronzes, ceramics, enamel texts, printed wood sculptures, installation art, sculptures, prints and works on paper. There will be three major series of creations on display: Lyrics Installation Art, which explores the three-dimensional nature of words; Punk Cat Sting, an original trendy doll; and Steam Punk Style, a mechanical landscape that presents the world of lyrics, presenting his diverse cross-border fusion and artistic creations.
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