• A Window to the World - Asia’s New Trend

    Jul 04 - Aug 09, 2015

    This exhibition focuses on the concept of Asian contemporary art. Soka is the first art gallery to introduce Southeast Asian art to galleries in Taiwan, showing works from Indonesian artist Agus Suwage, Thai artist Natee Utarit and Filipino artist Gabriel Barredo. Their unique styles are ahead of their times, yet incorporated with local cultures and traditions. Soka has a close relationship with the art industry in Japan and Korea. We have hosted tours for prominent minimalist Korean artists, becoming the very first art organization in Taiwan to exhibit Korean minimalist works. This time, we present Park Seo Bo’s famous “Ecriture” series from his earlier works and contemporary Korean ink artist Moon Bong Sun’s works. Representing the Japanese contemporary art are works of Yayoi Kusama and Yoshitomo Nara, who both are trend-setting and well-known artists.
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  • Bifurcation

    May 09 - Jun 14, 2015

    Between May 9th and June 14th, Soka Art will play host to, “Bifurcation” a contemporary art exhibition with participating artists from both China and Taiwan. The exhibition includes 17 pieces from six young artists: Lin Bao Ling, Zhang Tian Mu, C. C. Chang, Wang Meng Sha, Peng Hui Ting, and Yang Hong. The media they use ranges from black ink, to color ink, to acrylics, which is a highly uncommon modern use of medium in traditional Chinese ink art. Meanwhile, their styles incorporate landscapes, memorandum, portraits and imitation; truly displaying the freedom of contemporary Chinese ink art. Paired up as a dialogue between two people, the six artists present their works through three subtopics: “Landscapes and Sceneries”, “Borrowed Qi and Earned Authority” and “Trance and Serenity.”
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