• Running On The Sidelines - Artists Group Exhibition

    Feb 25 - Mar 25, 2012

    Silas FONG is interested in the topics of time and space. Much of his works explore the urban city life and the interpersonal relationships within. In 'Waiting', the artist records people at Time Square, a familiar meeting point in Hong Kong. Stemming from the idea that economic effect and efficiency have become dominant factors in time measurement, the work looks at the changing emotions the subjects go through in the act of waiting. In 'Stolen Times for Sale' Fong attempted to steal time from strangers by disrupting the running of an elevator during rush hour. As he interrupts the closing of doors, he filmed the passengers' reactions. In a performance, the artist then sold the captured stolen times with prices accorded to the duration, number of people involved, their age, appearance and response. The work questions the value we place on time
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  • Mystery Young - Davina Hsu Solo Exhibition

    Jan 07 - Feb 12, 2012

    Hsu's sensitive personality gave rise to an astute ability in observing human nature. And, her multiple personalities also influenced her artworks. She once said, "Sometimes, I cannot tell if I am living in a dream or reality. My dreams are too real. It is as if I live two lives." Hsu expresses herself through painting by drawing from various sources, such as personal, third-party, cultural, historical, or daily experiences. As a satire of the confused psychological state of modern people, she paints characters who lack brains or have incomplete bodies to express the various guises of the self. They are like empty shells that lack a will or soul. The theory on the Spectrum of Consciousness by transpersonal psychologist, Ken Wilber states that: “There are many levels to the human psyche. At the top level, the environment is an exterior realm. On an ego level, the body is also an outside aspect.
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