• Afterimage of the Light - IIDA Kiriko Solo Exhibition

    Jan 21 - Mar 12, 2017

    The sparkling white snowflakes quietly dance in the wind, glittering with human nature. A gentle breeze blows, sprinkling the sky with a white palette. Iida Kiriko, who comes from the snowy land of Hokkaido, uses keen observation and a purely emotional mindset instead of traditional narrative to discard realism for fantasy. The mysteriously colored living entities display a gorgeous appearance, riding a white legend amidst a cold, endless fog, describing her childhood memories and imaginations, composing a poem of life from a world where people coexist with animals.
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  • Post-Victory: Fine Arts Awards

    Dec 10, 2016 - Jan 15, 2017

    The curatorial theme of the “Post-Victory: Fine Arts Awards” consists of excluding subjective and objective positions from the process of the competition. It focuses on following up on the development or transformation of creative potential in the experimentation and concepts of Taiwanese artists after they have participated in a representative art competition. The artists participating in “Post-Victory: Fine Arts Award” will put on display two works: a pre-award and a post-award work. At their exhibition sites, there will also be reproductions of the original prize-winning artworks. How do you have artists stand out even after winning an award, and enable them to enter into market oriented art systems, such as galleries, auction companies, etc.,? Also, how can they cooperate with one another to further develop an artist’s creative career?
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  • Beauty of the Nature - Hong Ling Solo Exhibition

    Dec 02, 2015 - Feb 28, 2017

    Hong Ling: Beauty of the Nature is Hong Ling’s first large exhibition in his artistic career of forty years. This includes Hutong Alley series, Portrait series, Human Body series, Hometown People series, and Abstract series from the artists’ learning and experimental phase in the early eighties, to the independent, complete series of landscape oil paintings.
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