• With Nature

    Apr 06 - May 26, 2019

    In the Eastern culture, "nature" not only refers to the wilderness and forest, but also describes a free and simple attitude towards life. Taking the simplistic natural state as the source of beauty, extracting the spiritual essence through the concrete surface, and obeying the philosophy of "Taoist Nature", together constitute the very essence of the ancient Chinese literati spirit. The six artists presented by Soka Art each plays an important role in the international art world. With profound understanding in Eastern culture and Western modern art, each of them explores the possibilities in defining "nature" on the aspects of Eastern and Western philosophy, history and sociology, adding their multi-composite modern translations to the ancient literati spirit.
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  • The Power of Academy

    Mar 02 - Mar 31, 2019

    Any kind of local art language is the regeneration of western modern art discourse and local discourse - not simply the addition result, but the fusion after integration. The achievements of the development of Chinese modern and contemporary art are first reflected in the rise of modern art education. If there is no academy established in the “art revolution” to promote and spread western painting in China, it is difficult to imagine what contemporary art looks like in China. Those 8 artists are exactly at this special position, which not only continues the spread of modern aesthetic education in academies, but also breaks through the process of exploring contemporary art in the local context.
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  • Sky Messenger - Wang Tingyu Solo Exhibition

    Jan 19 - Mar 03, 2019

    In 2019, Soka Art will launch its first exhibition of the year, Sky Messenger, presenting 13 works of Wang Tingyu and also his first-revealed three-dimensional sculpture. Sky Messenger actually re-arranges all the images of the whole world. Ancient people used myths to form different constellations, and Wang Tingyu tries to adapt the mythology and then searches, stereotypes, typesets and paints on the canvas.
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