• Cold Encounter

    Nov 24, 2012 - Feb 03, 2013

    Soka Art Center Beijing is pleased to present a group exhibition "Cold Encounter", featuring the work of Ma Han, Na Buqi, Tian Tian, Tsai Yushan, Wu Yiqiang, Yu Aijun, Zhao Bo and Zhang Lin. For this exhibition, eight artists will use “cold” as a theme to explore cool colors and media, extend painting concepts through a cold perspective, and create dynamic works of various dimensions.

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  • Recapitulation - Mao Xuhui Solo Exhibition

    Sep 15 - Nov 11, 2012

    This exhibition will provide a comprehensive look into works that Mao created during the twenty-first century after the artist bid his “farewell to authority.” Similar to the recapitulation in music, this solo exhibition recaptures the main themes used in his artwork. Yet, it is not merely a repeat of previous themes, but a multi-perspective revisiting of creative media used over the years that are then infused with new elements. In this recapitulation period, these works not only reproduce thematic styles of the past, but also conduct a re-examination of personal creative processes. His new works, Kunming Series, are representations of past memories that provide a retrospective on the course of his life. This is the first time that he shares the city he has lived in for his entire life on canvas. He purely conveys emotions and nostalgia that lay hidden within the depths of his heart, cultivating this city of artistic life, and records the ordinary and the real in life.
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  • Senven Point Five Percent

    Jun 30 - Aug 19, 2012

    China's "growth" slowed from an expected 8% to 7.5% in the second quarter of this year, a pace that seems to signal the start of a period of slower growth.The "slow growth" of economy will bring much more anticipated space than that of art ecology. Under such a theme, the exhibition aims to focus on the existence, nature, confidence, probability and survival strategy of art in the name of art.
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  • In Between Color and Mood

    Apr 14 - May 27, 2012

    Looking back at the art scene in China, Wang Yigang stands out as one of the most representative artists who use abstract forms and artistic language for their creative style. Wang began his creative career of three decades with Western Cubism. After experimenting with the juxtaposition of figurative and pop art images, he slowly turned his focus to abstract expressions for the creation of dialogues in traditional Chinese landscapes. During each stage in his career, Wang continued to seek breakthroughs, while challenging himself to express diversity and innovation within his paintings.
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  • Direction - Affection of Artists' 30s and 40s

    Mar 03 - Apr 07, 2012

    Yunnan, an art group born in the 1980s, has a very close relationship with nature. Green is a common feature reflected in their works. I found and praised this feature of cultural value in contemporary urban life, and called it "green value" when promoting their works.
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