• Aspiration - Hong Ling Solo Exhibition

    May 15 - May 22, 2014

    Hong Ling has spent over 20 years in Mount Huang, and in his works, we can see the fusion between his rich inner mind and the mysteries of the natural landscape. “First, establish its greatness.” Hong Ling has consciously brought the “spirit” of Shanshui painting into landscape painting. When we look at Hong Ling’s works, we see on one hand what appear to be traditional colored shanshui painting, but they are also richer than traditional art, with the turquoise, sage green, and dark dreen of the image also incorporating the colors of oil painting and interacting with the natural scenery to be formed. On the other hand, his works has enriched the colors of western oil painting, because it looks more natural, infusing his colors with a sense of time, making them more natural and rhythmic.
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  • Incompatibility - Zhong JinPei Solo Exhibition

    Mar 01 - Apr 13, 2014

    Zhong uses “The Silence After Happiness” to coin his series of artwork. It is seemingly full of poetic sentiments, but it is vastly different in reality. Artists are evidently not “singers”. Instead, they are like “passerbyers” who encompass a sense of apathy, ridicule, and humor. Based on the previous phase of experimenting with materials, Zhong “jokingly” created various planes of texture, incorporating an assortment of colored grids into an uneven texture. From the surface, Zhong Jinpei’s artwork often inspires people to think of bed sheets, curtains, tablecloths, and other everyday textiles. Embodying an evident theme of everyday life, it corresponds to our life experiences.
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