• Literati Painting From Six Artists

    Oct 08 - Dec 18, 2016

    For the 15th anniversary of Soka Beijing, we selected 6 particularly representative artists who embody an “Eastern Culture Spirit”: Liang Quan (1940s), Hong Ling (1950s), Moon Bong-Sun (1960s), Zeng Jianyong and Tan Jun (1970s), and Wang Mengsha (1980s). This event attempts to explore different art styles through the works of these 6 artists from different eras, outlining the constantly developing, diverse, and three-dimensional appearances of contemporary Eastern ink-wash painting.
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  • Nature Story - Tao Fa Solo Exhibition

    Aug 13 - Sep 25, 2016

    The artwork of Tao Fa invokes a direct sense that nature is speaking to us, and that everything holds a spiritual essence, such as in animism. Whether they are of the sky, earth, clouds, trees, grass, or animals, his works all embody a soul and act as individual entities filled with life. This has a lot to do with the fact that he belongs to the Hmong people, who believe that boulders, caves, trees, mountains and other natural objects possess a divine nature or spirit. From the use of colors, compositions, and lines in his painterly language, we can feel the power of freedom. That kind of mental state is as if a child is running and playing at will, enjoying him/herself in a boundless nature.
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  • Deduction- From Writing to Concept

    Jun 25 - Aug 07, 2016

    "From writing to concept" is the prime feature of the contemporary development of Chinese characters. We can observe, in works of Inoue Yuichi, the spirituality of Chinese character when it transcends the norm and tradition. In comparing "Shu Xiang" (Image of Characters) of Chinese characters with western abstractism, the works of Wei Ligang bring to our attention the potential of Chinese characters in constructing image, which is thoroughly exhibited in the depth and width of Wei's works. Chen Guangwu introduces conceptual thinking into writing: how to exhibit art among the entanglement of the black and white in ink painting, and of Yin and Yang of the world? Cheng Puyun is more inclined to restore the strokes of Chinese characters - to present the image built by every "enchanted" stroke in writing. Is that the voice of Nature? Gu Wenda combines .....
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