• Film - Zhang Yingnan's solo exhibition

    Jun 18 - Jul 17, 2022

    Soka Art is pleased to announce the artist Zhang Yingnan will present a new solo exhibition " Film" at Soka Art Beijing on June 18, 2022. This solo exhibition is Zhang Yingnan's third solo exhibition at Soka Art. Film is one of the relatively "backward" films in the era of comprehensive digitalization. After shooting, the black and white of the image are reversed, and the red and green are interchanged. The normal color can only appear by rubbing. This projection imaging method is like a chemical art, which requires washing, printing, placing, dark room special effects, black and white colouring, repairing, etc. This rigorous imaging process, just like Zhang Yingnan's depiction of the current state of mind on the canvas, develops a rational, restrained, and lonely process.
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  • New Era-Zhao Bo's solo Exhibition 2022

    Mar 12 - May 08, 2022

    Soka Art Beijing is very honored to welcome the first exhibition of 2022, artist Zhao Bo's solo exhibition epoch 2022, which will run from March 12 to May 8 for a total of 8 weeks. Continuing the context of the work "Consciousness Landscape" in 2015 and "The End of the World and The Cold Fairy Mirror" in 2018, the work is full of a unique sense of tragedy. The snow doomsday scene and dazzling and wild colors allude to the grotesque social chaos and spiritual anxiety in modern times.
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