• Nexus at Dawn

    Aug 12 - Sep 09, 2023

    This exhibition invites five artists: Liu Yang, Li Jie, Lin Qing, Ma Tao, and Zhao Bo. They illustrate the aesthetic and social significance of painting with diverse perspectives and creative approaches, as well as demonstrate the existence of meaning and the power of shaping in a unique and profound way.
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  • The artist’s way of Vincent Fang丨Vincent Fang Solo Exhibition

    Aug 12 - Sep 23, 2023

    Soka Art is honored to invite top Mandopop lyricist, Vincent Fang, to showcase his solo art exhibition–The Artist’s Way of Vincent Fang–for five weeks from August 12 to September 16, 2023 in Taiwan. Fang will be attending the opening ceremony in person at 4pm on August 12. Titled The Artist’s Way of Vincent Fang, the exhibition aims to explore stereoscopic characters through Fang’s creative philosophies and styles by featuring Punk Cat, Steampunk Style, and other figures in the series. Fang’s bold attempts at combining different media have opened new possibilities for installation art, creating more symbolic art forms that are distinct from traditional textual expressions.
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  • River Map – Tai Xiangzhou Solo Exhibition

    Jul 08 - Aug 05, 2023

    For its 2023 annual art exhibition, Soka Art Taipei is honored to invite internationally renowned contemporary ink painting artist, Tai Xiangzhou. His renowned series “Celestial Tales” is collected by Elon Musk, Yahoo! founder Jerry Yang, and esteemed art institutions, such as the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Museum of Fine Arts Boston, Harvard University Sackler Museum, and Seattle Art Museum. Moreover, he is the first living artist from Asia whose works were acquired by the Asian Art Department of the Art Institute of Chicago in its more than 140 year history. The exhibition titled “River Map - Tai Xiangzhou Solo Exhibition” will present his latest series of works, “Kunlun” and “Galaxy”, which are based on the themes of water, the universe, and Taoist philosophy. The exhibition will run for four weeks from July 8th to August 5th, 2023.
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