• Mar 12 - Apr 17, 2016

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  • Post-80s Generation’s Modernism

    Jan 09 - Mar 06, 2016

    The artistic styles of the seven artists invited are all uniquely different from one another. The only point of similarity is that they were all born after 1980 and have all chosen easel painting as their primary method of creation for the realization of modern art. During their journey in creating and using painting as a language, these young artists born after the 1980s, have managed to present their stories from their constant artistic explorations with strongly unique methods of expression, to enrich the different aspects of modern art, and bring the audience a new, refreshing visual experience.
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  • “Moving the World”: Seeking Beauty

    Sep 12 - Nov 01, 2015

    This exhibition employs Mr. Zong Baihua’s concept of “moving the world”, and, to achieve this, three artists from different regions and eras were chosen. They are IIDA Kiriko from Japan, Tao Fa from Yunnan, and Dong Lin, who just graduated from the China Central Academy of Fine Arts with a major in sculpture. They present three different kinds of “beauty” by “moving the world” in their own ways. In the face of the gradual loss of aesthetics in contemporary art, we respond with an opposite direction. We simply start with the artists to inspire the audience’s “moving emotions”, then come seek beauty in the three artists’ “moving the world” at Soka. Through “moving the world”, the three artists make “beauty” an objective existence. First, they influence the audience visually. Then, they elevate the audience’s life and make it more interesting.
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  • Ideological Image - Zhao Bo Solo Exhibtion

    Jul 11 - Aug 30, 2015

    Zhao Bo’s works record his perceptions of life and society. He used to create perfectly beautiful surreal dream worlds, but now he’s deconstructing this dream-world style he created. In its place, he creates fantasy patterns of consciousness in a state of truth, asking his audience to enter a deeper state of thought.
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  • Looking for the “Mark of China”

    May 01 - Jun 28, 2015

    Through this exhibition, Looking for the “Mark of China,” we wish to illustrate how enthusiasm for tradition does not only take the form of ink. In the present, due to the properties of so-called contemporary art, the trends and range of art have become even wider. This does not just apply to the cases of “New Ink” artists. We also believe that more and more people will come to realize that contemporary Chinese art bears a strong “mark of China.” This may even be able to set off a new wave in the international art scene and bring deeper nourishment and replenishment to world civilization.
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